Best Natural Test Booster for 2016

Body-BuildingTestosterone is a hormone produced primarily by the testes and the male plays a major role in sexual and reproductive health, hair growth, bone density, for the general male well-being, and not least for building muscle. From an age of about 30 years, testosterone levels begin to decline continuously as part of the natural aging process. In addition, the uptake of environmental pollutants or the use of certain drugs negatively affect the production of testosterone.

Natural Test Boosting

If you’re overweight, you might make testosterone level and your metabolism increase simply by you lose excess pounds and your metabolism are optimizing. Obesity leads to low testosterone levels. To serious about losing weight, you should feed the excess sugar lowering. High intensity training two to three times per week in combination with proper diet increase muscle mass and thus help to raise testosterone levels.

High-Intensive Training (HIT example) and fasting

Another method to raise your testosterone levels naturally and improve your metabolism, is a combination of fast and short, intense training periods. For building muscle and your metabolism short but intensive training phases have been shown to have a positive effect and increase your testosterone levels. Also fasting increases your testosterone levels, because in the following food intake your body releases increased saturation hormones, all stimulate the natural production of testosterone and muscle growth.

Strength training to build muscle

However, it may not necessarily be “HIT” to increase your testosterone levels and your metabolism naturally. Also another strength training helps, provided it is sufficiently intense. In order to stimulate the natural production of testosterone and muscle growth, you should prefer working with heavier weights and for reducing the number of repetitions. Best then act exercises to build muscle that appeal to all groups of muscles. Especially testosterone are promoting very slow-running exercises because the slow movements lead to the smallest microscopic bridges between the protein fibers of your muscles and a good muscle building.

Get zinc


testosterone supplements
testosterone supplements

The mineral zinc is particularly important for the production of testosterone and muscle growth and therefore you should adjust or supplement your diet accordingly. Investigations have shown that in men by the absorption of zinc within less than 6 weeks, a significant increase in testosterone levels and muscle growth was recorded. Zinc You take on best by when you eat properly. Beans and all foods made from raw milk, such as cheese, yogurt or kefir contain much zinc.

Optimize your vitamin D levels

Vitamin D is a steroid hormone (natural test booster) that is essential for the healthy development of the male sperm, metabolism and muscle building. Vitamin D may even in obese men increase testosterone levels and metabolism, as studies have shown. The exposure to sunlight is the best way to optimize your vitamin D levels and metabolism and raise your testosterone levels in a natural way in the episode.

reduce stress

2im2x6h[1]Under stress produces Your metabolism large amounts of the stress hormone cortisol. This hormone blocks the effects of testosterone because it sets your body in seconds for fight or flight. Here the idea of ​​pairing would hindrance, so the testosterone is reduced.

reduce sugar

The consumption of sugar leads to high insulin metabolism, which lowers the levels of testosterone. Therefore you should reduce for your metabolism and for muscle building all foods with sugar and fructose and grain products such as bread and pasta.

Get healthy fats

Simple and polyunsaturated fats, such as you find them in avocados and nuts, are also essential for the creation of testosterone and a healthy metabolism. As research has shown, performs a diet with a share of less than 40 percent of the energy supply in the form of animal fats to a decrease in testosterone levels. Examples of foods that contain healthy fats to push the testosterone levels are such. As olive, organic milk nuts, avocados and organic meat.

prefer foods with whey protein and BCAAs

Essential amino acids BCAA play – Branch Chain Amino Acids (German: branch chain amino acids) for muscle building an important role. The BCAAs are thereby more effective if they are taken in combination with strength training. BCAAs like leucine You also in food supplements. Dairy products contain a particularly high concentration of leucine. However, to achieve a real effect on the metabolism, you should leucine high dose.